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Upcoming Lien Sales

Sparkle U-Stor-It                                                          
2080 M-139                                     or                          6920 Red Arrow Hwy
Benton Harbor, MI 49022                                            Coloma, MI 49038

Public Act 177, by Michigan Law requires all storage facilities to open a delinquent Tenant’s storage unit, take a visual inventory and make a brief description of all the storage unit contents. The units are tagged with Numbered Tamper Proof Tags.  The unit(s) are not opened again until the Lien Sale "purchaser" opens the purchased unit. 

A Tenant has up till the Lien Sale "Purchaser" pays, to pay up any outstanding balance and take possession of their storage unit. We as a company are not allowed by the Michigan Lien Law to remove any contents prior to the storage unit Lien Sale, this would be considered "stealing" and breaking the law.

Upcoming Lien Sales:
November 2, 2021

M-139 Location:

     Unit 53 - James Jones, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 61 - Larry Cohn, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 101 - Malina Rice, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 101 - Larry A. Jones, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 616 - Linda Hollins, Benton Harbor, MI


Nickerson Court Location:

     Unit 211 - Larry A. Jones, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 292 - Linda Hollins, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 420 - Uriah Baker, Benton Harbor, MI

     Unit 744 - Regina Taylor, Benton Harbor, MI 

     Unit 850 - Mercades Foster, Benton Harbor, MI 

     Unit 854 - Kadarian Gordon, Benton Harbor, MI


Coloma Location:

     Unit C005 - Zach Clauser, Coloma, MI

     Unit C039 - Richard Anderson - Coloma, MI

     Unit C189 - Nathan McCoy, Coloma, MI

     Unit C240 - Dale Gaston, Benton Harbor, MI



NOTICE:  All Lien Sales take place online at:  www.storagetreasures.com 

Please contact the office with any questions at:
269-925-6103 or 269-202-4192